Pivot Gang — Carnival

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Текст Pivot Gang — Carnival

Ha, yeah, yeah, check
Check, check, yo, mhm, aha
Hey, ho
Ayy, where my Common fans at? Haha
It’s, it’s, where is it at, though?Life is like a carnival
Niggas pull up deeper than a dish from Giordano’s, bro
She bad as fuck if I’ma go, I don’t got baby mamas, though
I’m four-for-four, chill as fuck, just like my persona, bro
Accomplishin’ all kinda goals, catch ya like the common cold
Well-connected like the pope
Hide the dope, smokin’ hidden leaves like they Naruto
We outside of this harvest, though, make me nut like Sandy Cheeks
I go harder than Gaara go, stunt when I feel horrible

Yeah, I’m doin’ damage like the armor low, you dodgin’ smoke
Like a kid at dinner, skip that artichoke
I’m master of the aqua-flow
I kick it, they copy, though, they follow me like I’m a troll
She slippery like we went too far out while we was tryna bowl
Pivot gang, the honorable
Drop a classic like I’m Dr. Dre around the chronic smoke
Uncommon as a common dog around a pack of common wolves
Who’s a fan of Common? Every sonnet need a Tylenol
Sick shit, kinda raw
Comin’ off the bench, I told my mans an’ them it was time to ball
This on par with Final Four
They say, «Who the best?» I raise my hand as if my arm was sore
Still alive, keepin’ my eyes to the sky like I’m Ray Charles

Vamanos, used to bump that Angie tune play Grand Theft Auto
I would smoke, made it out the jungle, Robin Williams
Dodge all kind of strokes, blood pressure, pressure my tendencies
Push the envelope or ending up pushing envelopes
I smoke like I don’t know to cope
Holy Ghost’ll hold to your team to show your soul yo’ goals
Welcome to my dome, I find sanctity in these flows
The most who chose this, all my choices much greater
Than following protocol, pro to call the shots
I don’t referee but I know my role
Shut your trap like they found a rock
Right back where your auntie stay
I am used to roaches on counter tables and coffee trays
How’d I end up smoking on county mountains like doctor hey
Hey, yeahDouble down your mission, been cookin’ up in the kitchen
All these different strokes became a gift, add it and skip
They wanna rock the boat, only wanna skyrocket
More Houston, so the commas grow, came from common ground
Still caught from niggas calculatin’ cash in the pounds
Boxin’ round after round at the darkness
Lead the chores, lead the race, need a choir, need a fire
Burning down the path blaze, sad to show us we the tired

Been off the porch, Geronimo
Smoothly he just nurturing the youth just like some Danimals
Go postal, push the envelope
Sexy and I’m boastful, eat your heart out like a cannibal
Domesticated animal, can attest
Buried in distress just like a damsel, bro
Channel lit, I am remote
Far off in the distance with the antidote, and the dope
And my coat fabrics show I am the goat
Broke bread, can’t be a loaf, ideas go
Words coming via hoseSo it’s fuck all of your articles, not an area of chronicles
Chronicle how we audible, all the world how we send it home
Blowin’ hole like I’m nautical
Sea floor like I’m a barnacle, see flow like they’re that monocle
C4 like I’m about to blow
Pivot fight club, nigga, but we is not a cult
We was keepin’ our bars clean while you was watchin’ soaps
Politickin’ in every city is how I got they vote
Now we usher in a new wave, maybe that’s adios