Pennywise — It’s Up to You

Слушать Pennywise — It’s Up to You

Текст Pennywise — It’s Up to You

I see things happening they fall before my eyes
Pretend I’m blind like I could never see the heartache
That’s not mine and fills my head can I just laugh away
The sights that tear my soul and make me sick
No I could never be so cold to look away

Is it so wrong to want to make a difference?
I’d like to think there’s no excuse
Is it a crime to want things better for yourself?
How you wanna live is up to you

Wish I could be like you indifferent to it all like life’s a joke
Sarcastic cynical like everything’s o.k.
But it just won’t work
In life you have to choose to stay at home and hide
Or stand up and fight if caring’s my offense
Then I proudly stand accused so how about you