Pantera — Medicine Man

Слушать — Pantera — Medicine Man

Текст — Pantera — Medicine Man

Many distant miles away
Past the shores of ever dark
There stays a magic man
Who bears an evil mark
He helps all concerned
Those who come again return
Injecting lies while fires burn
The devil’s heart
With angel’s words

Have you wondered what heaven’s like?
He can show you in one night
Overwhelming with euphoric lift
To lure you, to steal your gift
Seeping down to the bone
And there’s no question
Where you have to go
Understand, just take his hand
He’s the medicine man
Once proud and fearless men
With desire in their eyes

Lost strong and fruitful lives
To self-indulgent ties
Their souls were dipped in venom
And put into a box
Then placed upon a crowded shelf
Where countless souls now rot
Have you ever wondered what hell’s like?
He can take you there
Just one taste and you’ll be back
And by the high you’ll swear