Overlook. — Circus Gothika

Слушать Overlook. — Circus Gothika

Текст Overlook. — Circus Gothika

Does my life
Seem to medicate
With low life
Energy that takes
All light?
A darkness that consumes
My fight
And shapes me
To fit corners crafted for the weak of heart
Addicted to harm
That calms me

Doesn’t really take much for me to say
I’ll hold on
To figure out
How to get back to my design
To satisfy a conscience

That fails to stop
Letting go
Of a draw
That haunts the very fabric
Of my heart and soul
That I encase in a hope
That I’ll start
Living life
In the home
On the rock
And lay a foundation
But all ll I have is my tongue
To conceal my wasting
Self made suffocating
Like I’d rather swim against the tide armed with a fake
Sense of conviction
Caught up in a fiction
That I’m going to face my conscience
But time loves my sins

What’s one more year
Of myself to fear?

I’ve found a way to become
So bereft of guilt and sullenly conflated
With a will to forget my self regret
And dig at sand that’s filling in

Why do I
Repeat these lies
That cause a life to go stale?
Progress right
Only to find
Ways to set myself back
Straight path crooked by my own sway
I’ve been holding back meaning where it won’t stay
Inside these confines

I’ve got you in my sights
Past self I let die
I need you to rise
And take me away

Conforming with
Compromise masked as happiness
And I don’t know you
But I sure hope you come back

What’s one more year
Of myself to fear?