Omnium Gatherum — It Shines

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Текст Omnium Gatherum — It Shines

The world’s broken when I’m not here,
And if we take it to its limits…
Maybe no beauty left
Seeing things that aren’t ours
For truth and delusion, Any kind of a difference

But on that night it felt like home
With a small amount of love and that cliche
Classy pale white face
What her sad eyes brought me

«And I want to be, I want
To be where the sun is shining
I want to have you there beside me
And take me back to where the magic is
‘Cause this fucking head it’s hurting»

Searching for bliss from between the lines,
And if I’m given the chance…
Moving in this world with good luck in the veins
‘Cause so far, Yeah So far I’ve suffered too