Needshes — Road of Freedom

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Текст Needshes — Road of Freedom

They say I need someone finer
But I don’t believe them, baby
I met you that day in China
You kiss me and drive me crazy
I don’t wanna live without you
Your soul just makes me happy
Cause you’re my baby
And we will marry, maybe

And we’ll get away from people
There’s so much I wanna show you
We’ll live on the road like hippies
And every dream will come true
We’re gonna have lovely children
My love, you make me happy
Nothing can break us
One day we’ll turn to space dust

Forget all those ugly places
We’re not gonna see their faces
Tonight we will change our history
I promise it will be a victory
I don’t wanna live without you
Your love just makes me happy
Nothing can break us
Until we turn to space dust

And even if it’s dark outside
I feel your heat, my little bride
And the stars are waiting for us when we get ready
And the moon prepared the place for our night