Mylène Farmer, Seal — Les mots

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Текст Mylène Farmer, Seal — Les mots

Fixement le ciel se tord
Quand la bouche engendre un mort
Là je donnerai ma vie pour t’entendre
Te dire les mots les plus tendres

When all becomes all alone
I’ll break my life for a song
And to lives that stoop to notice mine
I know, I will say goodbye
But a fraction of this life
I would give anything anytime

L’univers a ses mystères
Les mots sont nos vies
You could kill a life with words
Soul how would it feel
Si nos vies sont si fragiles
Words are mysteries
Les mots des sentiments
Les mots d’amour un temple

If one swept the world away
One could touch the universe
I will tell you how the sun rose, how
We could with a word become one

Et pour tous ces mots qui blessent
Il y a ceux qui nous caressent
Qui illuminent, qui touchent l’infini
Même si le néant existe
For a fraction of this life
I will give anything, anytime