Motive,Esoteric,Apathy — Here We Come

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Текст Motive,Esoteric,Apathy — Here We Come

From the Juice era, triple-fat Goose wearer
EPMD fisherman, Champion hoodie, Timberland
The Demigod squad dressed like Rambo in camo
You can’t though, with clothes tight as J-Lo and Camp Lo
You local, I’m global, I’m loco and postal
I love bad girls, what the fuck happened to Total?
The lowest on the totem pole, you still on my scrotum, though
Downloading Ap, I’m the reason why your modem slow
Kill you on your couch like Tom Cruise on Oprah show
Where they hide the body? Please, only me and Motive know
Better leave your girl at home, cause if I think the ho is dope?
I put my face right between her tits and do the motorboat
Super-scientifical, you’d swear I was a scientist
Experimenting on chickens with kitchen appliances
Stupid as a motherfucker, ignorant and love to fight
I consider rap beef bitch shit for sucker types
Jealous you ain’t bad as Ap, so you wrote a battle rap
Only way to get attention, how fucking sad is that?

I gotta be the sickest hittin’ the airwaves
Y’all want none of me like you entering a bear cave
Or get pissed on like a building staircase
Or have my gun split your scalp like a hair braid
Let’s get it cracking, the Demigodz up in here
Fuck rapping, niggas better get a job this year
I talk about what you don’t do, but just might
I flip ‘caine for cake, nigga that’s real life
A big boy game, like mixtapes by Big Mike
The Godz too hard to run with, so step light
Niggas get heaters, go off the meter, start actin’ cute
‘Til you meet it, find out you’re sweeter than apple juice

The yay’s where you rubble in, that’s the gear I shovel in
Hustlin’, Icy Hot flow — let me rub it in
Savage and savvy, you carry baggage like caddies
I’m action-packed like I’m Jackie, double the sin like a Natty
I’m always mad, never happy
I’m blasting off cause I’m psycho
Kalashnikov is a rifle and I can rap homicidal
And pass it off as a typo
While you reelin’ off Oxy
And claiming that you’re Luca Brasi
I’m, technologically advanced like Spock at the Roxie
Y’all can stand there and watch me
Cause your rap career is Bill Conti, starting off Rocky
The beat, we shot it up, yup, we Demigod it up
Chopped it up, took the game and then we locked it up
So you can talk it up online while we slashing necks
And shooting ice-grills cold stares/stairs like Alaskan steps