Mis-Teeq — Dance Your Cares Away

Слушать Mis-Teeq — Dance Your Cares Away

Текст Mis-Teeq — Dance Your Cares Away

Got the city pon lock
Mis-Teeq know how fi rock

Bridge 1:
Keep you bubbling every day and every night
We don’t wanna see you argue, fuss and fight
All we wanna do is dance and feel the vibe
Make you feel nice

Dj take back this track hit them again the reaction is phat
Hit them again are you feeling that?
Music is life it’s a natural fact
The people with the power they make you feel poor
I wanna see the people on the dance floor
So here I come again with a lyric hardcore
I know I’m still raw but finding rhymes on deadline is law

Taste entertainment you know you want more
With the vibing galore upon the dance floor
The people go mad they make you explore
Different ways to reach an applause
This goes out for a worthy cause
Just move-a ya body
That’s what it is for, move-a your body the crowd’s wanting more

You can’t take us away from the music
Tantalising you can’t refuse it
Beats b-ling move ya body don’t ya lose it
Dance til a morning comes

It’s the weekend, no time for sleeping
We got ya body rocking, move to the track best believing
Seeing is believing as I’m riding on this track
Mis-Teeq got the city pon lock
Sit down pon the riddem cause we know how fi rock, Gridlock, roadblock, the show never stops
As we take it back just for you my friend
Rewind fi all the gyal dem

Sometimes just gotta escape
Stay dreaming when you wake
No matter come what may
Turn the music up and dance your cares away