Merkules,Celph Titled,Apathy — The Bottom Line

Слушать Merkules,Celph Titled,Apathy — The Bottom Line

Текст Merkules,Celph Titled,Apathy — The Bottom Line

Let’s be honest I’ma get right to the bottom line
Raw design got ’em taking shots without the salt and lime
On my grind watch me taking pussy rappers off the shrine
Columbine ya’ll as my sons that’s why I call ’em mine
All the time I’m Number One and ya’ll still on the back burner
Cash earner counting on my bread in front of Fatburger
It’s mass murder when I’m holding the pen
Life’s a bitch so I left her home alone in my bed
I’m that hard hitter bar spitter you can let the dogs out
You must’ve took the wrong route
You’re fucking with the ‘Godz now
Step off from the side of the ring
You know you’re getting knocked out
I Started from the bottom without Drake I ain’t a cop out
You hear my name They mention He’s on top
While you sit in home waiting until Detox drops
You ain’t on the same shit my clique be on, ock
You’re a Macklemore fan wearing neon socks, pussy

Me and you you fucking sucker we ain’t the same
You got a problem with me faggot, I dare you to say my name
Little sad suburban whiteboy stories are all the same
Probably O.D on pills and ‘caine like Corey Haim
I’ll evict the blood from your veins, I’m bashing your brains
Slashing with twain, send your spirit through an astral plane
Ap’s insane, fuck music sucker dared me to do it
I’ll slice a hole in your stomach and dive headfirst through it
I’m saying homie, I’m Satan no counting the bones I’m breaking
And I love beefing more than Merkules loves bacon
More hooligans hold me down than Ghenghis Khan
So bring it on, this ain’t rap it’s a Satanic singalong
The theme music for Megatron, won’t stop ’till your head is gone
And snatch your gold like a captured Leprechaun
I say what I do and I do what I say
Rap ’till I was blue in the face and I blew ’em away

I hold two guns across my chest to form an «X»
Cause that’s the universal symbol for war and death
I host a cannibal cookout with arms, legs and ribs
So bring Tupperware for leftovers for your moms and kids
I’ll cater your wedding with alligators and weapons
Before you take your vows (BLAO) My sniper blazing the reverend
I’m ahead of every time zone so when
You thinking you had your rhyme sown
My shit came on and left your mind blown
Yeah, I pray to God, I’m thankful for my bankroll
Walk out the do’ with everything I came for
Move through the city with numerous goons
They much more focused now
But they the type to shoot up a school
And leave numerous wounds Across your daughter’s face if it’s all the same
I’m the son of Satan dumping bodies in toxic waste
Marine trained assassins, we’ll hit and shoot you
Throw you out the boat like a motherfucking fishing blooper