Mercyful Fate — Black Masses

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Текст — Mercyful Fate — Black Masses

Come and join
My black masses
Bring along
Your iron axes
Now draw a circle
Right here in the light
I’ll tell you
Just what to write
Elohim… Adonai… Tetragrammaton
Slaughtering babies
In ceremonial ways

If we’re lucky
We can see them for days
‘Cause baby blood
Is full of strength
But I tell you
Oh how it stinks
Give me some baby blood
Black masses, black masses, black masses…
Running wild
Spittin’ blood
In my lady’s face

I show her my pets
A few rotten heads
And about my lady
If she can’t take it
She’s got to face it
I’ll slaughter her too
Killing babies
Black masses