Make Them Suffer — Step One

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Текст Make Them Suffer — Step One

Have I been keeping you sick?
Here’s me believing a bleeding heart’s just a quick fix
All you needed was me, not my solutions or views
I wish I could take all this pain back I’ve put you through


Guess it’s too little too late
At least I can assure you, I had the best intentions


It’s toxic, it’s noxious, ironically honest
Get out tonight, don’t say farewell
Run for your life, go save yourself
It’s twisted, it’s bitter, it’s sickly sweet
Get out alive, while there’s still time
And don’t you dare even consider a «next time»


But through it all, you managed, I left you bruised and battered
Took you for granted, took advantage and vanished
And you’d think that just for once in my life
I’d take a step back and maybe consider what’s on your mind but no


You’re the…