Make Them Suffer — Bones

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Текст Make Them Suffer — Bones

I can’t breathe


I can’t breathe, and I’m terrified of falling asleep
To meet the shadows that’ve been haunting my dreams
A reflection of all that I am for all to see
(Shed my skin, for all to see, shed my skin)


I want to drown my lungs in plastic
I want to kill this gaping hole
And when it all comes back to haunt me
I want the pain to take its toll


Another trophy for the hall of regrets
Another night to forget (Another night to forget)
Another consequence of actions repressed
Waking up in sweats
Mend me, make me proud, motivate me,
Bend me, break me down, suffocate me
Take all of it, take all of me


Shed my skin, take me from my home
I give all I am, I give all I own
Shed my skin, steal my heart again
Take from me my bones


Cast me down into the depths of…