Mad Tsai — Boy Bi

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(So, do you like girls or do you like boys? (Ha-ah, ha-ah)
Oh, hum, I mean, uh yes?)

When my friends ask me ’bout my sexuality
I choke up and joke that the answer’s not easy
Like I’m watching a Disney movie and the couple gets it on
But who should I look at, is it Shang or Mulan?
I like boys and girls but I still don’t know why
I couldn’t get either one if I really try
I’m switching my preference like an on and off switch
If I had a dime for every crush I’ve had I’d be rich

Like boy bi
Girl, hi
New guy
I’m bi?
I cry every time
I try to decide

I guess you’re right, I’m bi just without the sexual
I’m too scared to date so I’ve just been by myself
Like I’m watching a Disney movie and I slowly start to sweat
Is it Jasmine’s dancing or Aladdin’s open vest?
Oh, it sucks sometimes to be right in the in-between
I’m too gay for girls, too straight to be a drag queen
I’m just playing, I’m just saying, I’d like to be clear
I don’t know what the hell is going on here

And love can be hard
For someone who doesn’t know what they want
I’m missing a part
For all of my life got a hole in my heart
And love could be
A winning game to those who are straight but
I’m perfectly complete
1, 2, 3

Like boy bi (Boy bi)
Girl, hi (Girl, hi)
New guy (New guy)
I’m bi?
I cry (I cry) every time
I try to decide