Mabel — OK (Anxiety Anthem)

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Текст Mabel — OK (Anxiety Anthem)

Wake up with a knot in my chest
Tried everything just to get out of bed
It’s ain’t working, it ain’t working
Sometimes I can get like this
Cover it up with a smile on my face
But I’m hurting, I’m still hurting


There are days when the world gets heavy
Sleepless nights, I’ve had way too many
When it’s late and no one’s around, around
Alone in my room and the tears start pouring
Wishing the night was still the morning
But tonight, I’ma let them fall down, fall down


‘Cause it’s okay not to be okay
It’s okay if you feel the pain
Don’t gotta wipe your tears away
Tomorrow’s another day
It’s okay not to be okay
It’s fine, you’re allowed to break
As long as you know, as long as you know
Everything’s gonna be okay
As long as you know, as long as you know…