Lili Grace — Nothing Human

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Текст Lili Grace — Nothing Human

is there a gate to vacancy?
where no one is there to ask about him
nothing human

this five angled love’s so hard to talk about
how did we work out?
to clarify this muddled passage in life;
you are counting on our story
just to inspect the girls in front of you
how will we sing ‘bout us?
explain our sorrow
we made a strange chant with some raw clues
harmonising with a stranger

we’ll raise a monument above
we swore to seek for each of us
a profound and strong vivacity
our beautiful vicinity

we’ll build a continental love
with melodies worth speaking of
so we’ll remember every time
the carefree souvenirs inside

we’ll write a testament of fire
our potion from the well of life
this universe within our hearts
will grant us all a brand new start