Landon Tewers — Jane

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I spared my first many nights ago
She had this vibrant glow
Even after taking a child, my conscience had to know
Am I justified in this genocide?
Can there be retribution if I decide?

Just lay low
I cannot compose myself with all these distractions anymore
«Why didn’t you take me like others?
How could you watch these people suffer?»
How could I explain anything?
You haven’t felt like a rat in a cage
Like your existence is vain
Like you’d do anything to feel the same
It’s just another day for the Earth and space
Things will die, others survive
It doesn’t stop or think

Take a good look at your life
Is this the first time that you’ve
Tried to look far past just yourself
To make the best with the cards you’re dealt?
Now look at me
Is it pure evil you see?
Maybe I’m more human than you’d like to believe
Look at me
What do you see?

I was froze in a moment, choked
What if she knew of all the blood I’d shed?

What if my true colors show?
What if this pure flesh is torn by the repercussions I’ve bestowed?
God, if you’re real, please hear me
Take the pain from the pure you hold dearly