Landon Tewers — Debt

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Текст Landon Tewers — Debt

Only a few hundred left to kill
There’s a smell in the air so sweet
It’s the ending they need
Forsaken your god has now left with me
It’s the sound of their screams
That reminds me I’m here with one thing to complete

Separate your selfish needs
The earth will regenerate
Do I preserve a few now?
Do they deserve a chance to rebuild?
Who would I choose?
Jane, what would you do?

I have found the last group
Two families with 3 children locked in their home
The fathers emerge
The last two men on earth

You will be the new Adam and Eve

You’re safe with me
I have only set you free
From a world that was hopeless
King and queen you will show them how to be

Say goodbye to their bodies
They will feed the earth
Not even God could stop me
This is the worlds rebirth