La Femme — Foreigner

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Текст La Femme — Foreigner

Yesterday you broke my heart
Before I was like your lover
But today I’m a foreigner

Yeah, yeah, I remember, it was together
Like a lover in the night, I’m looking back
And I don’t know why now I’m a foreigner

But I’m a believer who’s moving around like a wanderer
Between the shadow in the night I don’t looking back

Oh, I’m sorry baby, I’m giving to you a radio silence
Cause I’m a lover baby, that’s why I’m going up and down

I got a ticket for the love rollercoaster and now I’m falling down
You fuck this guy without a condom, a D.J or whatever
And I am sick of that, I got to moving around like a foreigner

Like a foreigner
Like a foreigner
Like a foreigner

Oh, yesterday we were together
You and me like dreamers
But now I’m like a foreigner
And I don’t have the passport for your heart, passport for your eyes

If you were a building or a country, I would have to visit that like a foreigner
Please come back to me cause I’m a believer, a soldier of love
Who don’t looking back and you give me an hard time lover

But please whenever give me a visa for your heart
I want the stamps for the magic ride, in the mystery train of love
It’s now or never cause as a foreigner I follow the road of my heart
I follow the road of my heart

Me and you
Me and you