KOTA The friend — Berlin

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Текст KOTA The friend — Berlin

I had to go away and get this shit right
Get back on the mic and tell the people ’bout my shit life
See me on the Gram and you be thinkin’ that it’s lit
It’s a shit show, I’ll tell you all about it if you sit tight
Lost a couple friends, do not worry ’cause they ain’t dead
We just grew apart, it was time, that’s what fate said
I was fake homeless for a minute
Had my clothes in my momma’s living room ’cause my city to expensive
Everybody hittin’ me like, «When you comin’ back home?»
I was one tour givin’ everyone the dial tone
Best friend kicked me out her crib ’cause she was in her bag
But I was in Berlin, I do not mean to offend
I’m just gettin’ what I worked for
So I bought a crib in Pennsylvania, that’s a calm flex
Labels tryna fly me out and hit me with a large check
Bad loans, that’s shit I don’t wanna get involved with
Told them that I want a half a mil’, non-refundable
One album, and a couple singles, if I fuck with you
All they wanna do is take percentages
And they don’t even tell me what they doin’ for it
Gotta give me something new
This ain’t fuckin’ ’99, 2020 vision bitch
Do not even bring up my masters ’cause that is for my kids
I’m back on my bully
I had to hit the reset and now I’m back fully
Shoutout to the people that love me
Who got me through the situation when it was ugly
And if you still here for me, really I’m touched
And I’ma spend this next year reciprocating the love
And you can trust that, yeah