Kool John — Get Tha Dough

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Текст Kool John — Get Tha Dough

We like big cars
Big blunts big whips
Big bloods big crips
We like them girls
Gotta have them girls
Gotta get that dough
Gotta get that dough[Verse 1: Kool John]
Shmop boys do it bigger than a monster truck
Beep beep get the money like a Brinks truck
They keep saying how I do that there
Take a nigga bitch with my boo right here
I’m a Shmop Rich city go getting boss man
Met her after show, and you know she getting tossed man
Filthy drip Shmop life, no it’s not at Ross man
Pocket full of stacks, 2 chains I love to floss man
Gotta get the dough, gotta get it it’s no option
Thick bitch threw it back like [?]
Shmop life getting money like a non profit
You with them old hating no money niggas stop it
Drink it by the case yeah you know a nigga popping
The game like pool and I’m calling corner pocket
I’ma be ready late night like pizza
Young shmop nigga got swipe like a Visa

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: IamSu!]
I’m that nigga, same old nigga
Ain’t shit changed, name just bigger
Cop clothes daily, drop flows daily
You not gon’ see me if they not gon’ pay me
My Bape coat wavy, I just met Jay-Z
I done sold a million fucking albums already
My young niggas ready, my kick game deadly
I’m finna buy a Chevy, hoes I got a bevy
Every day nudies, I don’t rock Levi’s
I don’t smoke reggie, I don’t do petty
I’m top 5 easy, worldwide easy
Flannels and a snapback my whole style Eazy
Listening to Weezy, money on my meezy
You stepped on my Yeezy’s so baby you are leaving
I’m steaming the best stand next to me catch contact
HBK gang put your life on that
Ya digg?

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: ST Spittin]
Yes yes I’m mentioned from the town to the Riches
I should get a bill cuz I’m paying your attention
You ain’t learned about us yet I’ma sit you in detention
[?] for the trenches, wavy with the women
Cruising like an ocean I created what you wishing
Pulling away we keeping distance ice cold like [?]
Bitches jocking for a mention I’m just shmopping how I’m living
Shovel flow, gotta dig it, never scripted, gotta live it
Get it get it go girl, supermodel show girl
You know who you are with your [?] girl
You and all your niggas winning and I’m winning for sure
If you want it you can have it baby it’s yo world
Type of conversation [?]
Cross faded, misbehaving got it dripping like a curl
Pick a winner not a nerve then observe
What we do and what we learn
What we yearn, we observe ya heard