Kojaque, Maverick Sabre—Casio

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Текст Kojaque, Maverick Sabre—Casio

I used to think that I couldn’t rap with an accent
Did my best tn/na mask it
Had my hope in a casket
Young flame, tryna light up the masses

My buddy’d gas me up like
«Drop this it’s a classic» but
My look was wrong, my voice sucked my image
Was seen from someone else’s vision

Guess that’s why I was too blind to see it
Or make decisions
That’s always the case when you don’t trust your inner wisdom
First time I smoked was so I could rap about it

To be honest I didn’t feel it, the fuck was so appealing
Bout passin out in a couch my stomach teaming with doubtin?
Like I’d ever make a name as a white rhyming Fenian
No pot to piss in, pleading on deaf ears

My buddy P’d listen we drifted over the year
Used to whip the van round park with a gram in hand
Rap something up in the passenger
Would’ve had urn in tears like

«Alright so what you waitin on?»
He had the 6 disk switcher I was the favourite song
I burned the first tape for urn, he wrote the label on
«Remember me when ya make it»

He made me play it for urn
Back to back roll up each night
Skinnin spliff scheme how we gonna leave this life
I mean shit «you gonna make it on the TV right?»

Well that sounds so good let me hear that twice
Sound so good let me hear it
He left a few voice notes I couldn’t get back to
I left urn hang the whole summer I guess I’m that dude

I tried his old phone number I musta messed up something
I rang about 6 times before I got through
Start reminiscing he told me how he was feeling
Side of the train tracks sayin he’s thinking of leaving

Tellin me he’s not loving the kinda shit that he’s thinking
Says there’s too much on his plate for him to deal with
Told me
«Why the fuck I get stuck with this shit?

There’s worse dudes then me and they’re all making it big
Jesus ain’t returnin my calls I’m fuckin sick, of livin life by the book
I’d be better a convict
Better off in a cell or better off sellin rock

Or better off in a rocket that I’m not planning to stop
Better the penitentiary’s keeping me on lock
Cus nothing’s worse than being imprisoned by these thoughts
Prisoner of this life,

My wardens my fuckin psyche
Keepin me locked up with the evil shit that’s inside me
Outwardly l act with the utmost or propriety
And still I fuckin feel like a menace to the society

What the fuck am I doing?
I feel my arteries pumpin
I can’t hear myself think with the sound of my heart thumping
I’m stood at the train tracks really thinkin of jumpin

What the fuck is wrong with me?»
I told urn -«nothing.»
«Fuck is wrong with me man?»
Not a damn thing

Let it breathe
That seemed to ease the tension, told urn
Focus on your negative you lose sight of your blessings
Wouldn’t believe the time I wasted second guessing

Musta changed this line 8 times get the message?
I’ve seen too many fall victim the same fate
Nobody extends the hand to urn till it’s too late
Next your shaking hands with the family at the wake

Just cus nobody told us that you don’t have to be ok
Don’t have to do your best
Don’t have to hit expectations
Spending your time furious

Waiting for your patience
Trying to keep going when you don’t have motivation
You can catch a lift with me depressions my main station
I wont forget we were dead broke

Living life by the shekel
Did your best to have my bad side hide and remain Jekyle
Used to make sure that I knew I wouldn’t be heckled
When I stood up to spit you had my back from the get go

I won’t forget about the gold on my wrist
Tellin you for weeks all the talk of making it big
That Rolex complex wasn’t making me tick
I wanted something more subtle, you told me that was sick

Presented me with a gift and I hear it beep on the hour
Cold gold wrapping my wrist in divine power
I think about that shit when my watch beeps in the shower
Man I think about that shit when my train’s leaving it’s tower
Man I hope you play this shit to your ear and sleep tight
Hope you find hope in these lines on dark nights