KIM WOO SEOK — Intro : Lost

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Текст KIM WOO SEOK — Intro : Lost

Dyin’ flames
I’m so lost I don’t know where to go no more
(Give it give it)
Give me directions home
No way no more
Fell so deep I can’t escape
Wanna break this endless nightmare

Oooh help
On the verge of givin’ up
Oooh please
Stop this game I quit it now
I’m circlin’ round & round
Look there ain’t nothing in my sight
Light it up my flames never die

Losing controls, mayday
Come and save me now
Losing myself, errday
Take me home cuz I don’t know how

Are you sympathetic
I’m problematic
I feel like losin’
I’m tired of runnin’

If you can see me now
Reachin’ out my hand
Can’t stop it now I’m on my way
Don’t stop and follow all the way
My flames never die