Kid Cudi — Lord of the Sad and Lonely

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Текст Kid Cudi — Lord of the Sad and Lonely

Lord of the Sad and Lonely

[Verse 1]
Won’t you tell me who is; the supreme leader
Still underused, like I’m not a human heater
Move and groove, make a bitch linger
Want more than the dick, gold on the ring finger
Not the one to play dumb, see I’m from Cleveland bitch
Up in the hills, still keep it way triller than most
Wanna relax, someone tell me how that feels
I say that now until I go and pop this pill
I say out loud «You wanna let me cop a feel?»
Now I don’t pray out loud but I know that my God heals
Bounce with me, if you don’t give a fuck simply
Fed up, won’t let up, on the overtime
The more I work, the more they wanna sweat mine
I can feel those lames, they love to speak my name
Sometimes dream of breakin’ niggas whole faces
In front of the precinct, ain’t scared of catchin’ cases
Sky might fall, but I ain’t worried at all
Got me some Xannies and a couple Adderall
Plus these racks I go distribute at the mall
In the spirit of God, with some Gandalf balls, yahm
Lord of the Sad and Lonely
And the ones that feel like shit on the daily
Don’t let these phony niggas and hoes
Be the ones that bring you low
Let it be from the fatigue from making the pussy bleed
All of the things I’ve seen and survived
Make a nigga feel way more than just alive
You know my name, you know my face
All hail King WZRD in your motherfucking space
You love it

Everyday, ev-ev-everyday
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep-yah
Lord of the Sad and Lonely
Yep-yep, yep-yep-yep-yep, yep, yep
Lord of the Sad and Lonely
Yep-yep-yep-yep, yep, yep, yep-yah
Lord of the Sad and Lonely
And the ones who feel like shit on the daily
I got you

[Verse 2]
Now I can show you how to make it, no Domingo Dean
In a way in which the universe has never seen
I feel attention when I’m struttin’ in my Prada boots
Checkin’ my fresh, if you want, I can style you
So unearthly, my profession is to wow you
Nigga how you not better than me? Listen, I swear to Je’
I feel like Baby back in ’99
In the SLS stuntin’ and it’s all mine
Shittin’ on these niggas, sippin’ on some Swiss Kriss
I got some jewelry on it, sittin’ on my slit wrists
My label fucking up my flow, see I’m getting pissed
Work too damn hard fam, for the shenanigans
Don’t hang around bums, and that’s how I win, fe fi fo fum
Haters, how do my cum taste? No more fun, no jokes, no smiles
Just a grin that suggest I’m the best
Living like I got a motherfucking pump on my left at all times
So many kids live their life through my rhymes
See, I’m in love with you all ’til the end
When shit was dark for me you were my only friends on the realer
So smoke some tree for your nigga
Ain’t nobody got my bounce, know my kushy ounce
Walk in rooms and fuckboys close their mouth
The Cud life, you know what we about

Lord of the Sad and Lonely