Keith Richards — Robbed Blind

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Текст Keith Richards — Robbed Blind

Someone stole some money
Who it is, it ain’t quite clear
Stolen from my honey
She holds my stash round here

The cops, I can’t invlolve them, they’d only interfre
So I hit usual suspetcs but I drew a blank round there
I’m robbed blind, I’m robbed blind
Found a letter to her

It was from a friend of mine
It was a plan to screw me
That’s what they had in mind
The cops I can’t involve them, don’t want them coming near

Cause this thing is getting personal and the picture is now quite clear
I’m robbed blind, I’m robbed blind, bled dry
The stash no longer matters and he ain’t to find
Cause it ain’t the money, honey, but the heart you stole was mine

The cops I can’t involve them, god knows what they could find
Well I’ve learned a lesson from that girl whose fate is yet to be defined
Been robbed blind, robbed blind
Thank you sweetheart
Bled dry
That was a damn good try
Robbed blind, been robbed blind… bled dry