KB Unplugged, The Merk — For Sale by Owner

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Текст KB Unplugged, The Merk — For Sale by Owner

You got a home
I’ll get it sold
You’ll have a story to tell
So tell it bold

We got a track record running now
Of getting the most
You want a thoroughbread
Not a sheep but the GOAT

Its undeniable
The way the we sell
We talking speed that is
Remarkable and it never fails

Show you the money —
And service
That tells the story of fiduciary
Cause we Living it well

Too many new folks
A license is cool
But experience will save the day
Your money is food

What’s your stats like
How much do you know
You trying to lead a seller
Through the hype and put
On a show

You get the phone calls
And Headaches galore
Tellin you they got a buyer
Just to get through the door

Let’s have a face to face
You’ll see that it’s time
Only thing you Gotta do
Today is sign on the line

I know it’s hard selling on your own
Picturin your home isn’t gonna sell
Been on Zillow way too long
Let us come and help
Take that pressure off your shoulders
Sell ya by tomorrow
There aint nothing that can hold us
Cause we the best and we always in the trenches
We’re not like other realtors only sitting on the benches
Look at our percentage our listings always sell
So don’t you wait no more come on call us on your cell
We’ll do marketing and pictures
Better then the ones on Pinterest
Some realtors use they phone
We got 16k definition we on a mission
Won’t stop till it’s completion
If we don’t’ sell your home then I will pay your pension
I will literally pay your pension
(for legal reasons that’s a joke)
It’s not gonna happen though
Cause we gonna sell it