Josh A — Lost boy

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Yea bitch I’m a lost boy out here on my own (x4)
In my town
That’s the sound
I was rolling
Ain’t no bounds
Yea bitch I’m a lost boy out here on my own (x2)

No way out
No way out
They say it gets better but I start to doubt
I don’t really know what life’s about and I still gotta pay the bills with these clouds

I don’t really rap I just write this pain
I don’t really got one lane I got six
Always searching for that damn bliss
Man I don’t really know why I feel like this

That’s the stuff of nightmares man life ain’t fair
When you really wanna have it your way but you can’t
Lack of air feeling like a body slam
Try to tell myself that I’ll come out like a champ
But it fails
Man I never avail
Feeling like I’m in jail
On false charges
Wonder if this affects all artists
If I try to reach out will I fall the hardest?

Am I alone
I just don’t know
I’ve been to busy inside of my zone
Locked inside never on my phone
I don’t really wanna know where all the time goes
I’ve been slaving away on these beats
Slaving away on this heat
So maybe that one day a young kid’ll see
That he can do it to
Flip his sadness to a positive route

That’s why I don’t rap about money and bitches like every damn song
There’s a time and a place for a bitch and a thong
Step mom mad about politics
But I’ve been getting DM’s from these kids who been saying I helped them through all of their struggles and hardships
Like that’s the whole point of an artist
Not a role model but I help em get the farthest