Joseph Scott Holt — Look Back

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Текст Joseph Scott Holt — Look Back

I shot out of the closet like a cannon
Burning brightly ‘cross the summer sky
I needed more
Insatiable to feel it all
I sometimes wonder who I’d be
If I had taken things much slower
Am I just made up of trauma?
The leftovers of what we have once we have done it all too soon
Am I just made up of trauma?

It’s so strange to still feel so innocent at times
Even after all these years
We’re kissing in the hallway
In the bathroom
In the back of Jessie’s truck
Trying to find a place where we can just make time pause for awhile
Am I just made up of all these things I’ve done?
Will I ever stop or was I simply born to run?

I often wear it like a badge
That I was first to rip my skin
And pull my truth from deep within to let the world watch as I bled
Fighting sometimes long before the first punch ever came my way
Just to be safe
Is there no way back once we have come this far?
Do we reach a point where what we are is all we are?

If I could do it all again
I’m not sure I would change a thing
A cleaner narrative won’t save me from the pain that life will bring
Still I’m only getting older
Drifting further from the time when things felt new
And there were fewer complications in the way
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh