JGRXXN — xombie

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Xombie, yeah I gotta eat
Yes real
My stomach touchin’ my back uhhh [?]
Rob your chain, rob your finest thangs
Rob her brain, rob your pinky ring
Biggity bang, this [?] just bustin’ meat out of your brain

Is that a gat boy I’d rather trap
Trappin’ all these beats
Full price, fuck a lease
You say you couldn’t rap, I was foolin’ you
Fooly fool
Now these kids influenced by my bars or two
Look at you
Your girl soaking wet [?]
In and out her pussy, got her [?] on my [?]
Lemme in this game, niggas whack and soft like shaman
Heart in
See I’m ’bout to blow and when I do please [?]