Jake Miller — Headlights

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Hey kid I got your text
Um, it’s hard to keep up with you
You’re probably on stage somewhere, I think Poughkeepsie
But listen, that’s completely out of your control
Don’t stress about what you can’t control
You know that everything’s gonna work itself out, okay? it always does
Imagine if you were driving from one end of the country to the other
And sometimes, the drive is easy
And sometimes you’re driving in the pitch black
And you can’t see in front of you
But you got headlights
And that lights up about a hundred feet
And you focus on that hundred feet
And you get through it
And then the headlights focus on another hundred feet
And you keep going and you trust yourself
And you’re gonna get to the other end of the country, okay?
Good stuff happens to good people
You just gotta be yourself, don’t ever change for anyone
Keep busting your ass, okay? I’m proud of you kid
«Tell him I said hi», mama says hi, love you kid
And also, remember what Bob Dylan says
You gotta keep swimming or you sink like a stone