Jadu Heart — Cocoon

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Текст Jadu Heart — Cocoon

Sun follow behind
Deep in mind, i play the credits
Walking all the way
Fallen disgrace, blowing my head off
Shotgun to the face
Is this the place, that I will end it
Cause broken and sore
Ripped from the shore
I hear the cries of god

Bee buzz in my mind
Sting me and fire, burn in my rat brain
Claws open and force
Me to face off, with all my mistakes
Leave me in the dream
Happy to be, naive and cheerful
Something in your eyes
Crawls up and dies
As you leave youth behind

I feel I’m in the womb
Waiting for all the doom
To fade away, lord give me faith
To keep my mother safe
To keep my father sane
All bathed in love, she shines above

I see a house, I see a morning
I see a future, I see a daughter
Oh I see a life
I look in her face
She looks just like you
She looks just like you

Oh I see a house
And I see a daughter
And I see a morning
The summer is dawning
And I call your name
And some part of me
Oh they couldn’t take you
Oh they couldn’t take you
Oh they couldn’t take
Take me away, take me away
They couldn’t take
Take me away
Take me away