Hot Water Music — Remedy

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Текст Hot Water Music — Remedy

I need a remedy of diesel and dust
Something I can taste with the things I can trust
Another high, more potent than lust
Eating and repeating like the working of rust and time

I woke to the sound and the rhythm of rain
Dancing down on the windowpane
Comatose, eyes half-closed
Arms wrapped up with the wounds all sewn

I’m froze from head to toe
Clenched the jaw, then felt my body roll over slow
I must live to know
Healing takes some time

So no, no regrets, no looking back on sinking ships
So I’ll strip the gauze for a rational self-analysis
I’m down, cut and bound
Counting scars, counting blessings loud, so loud

I must live to know that time alone is always healing
No regrets or falling fits
I’ll strip the gauze and bleed it
As long as there’s a bleeding