Hans Williams — The Trek

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Текст Hans Williams — The Trek

Stalling out
On the streetcar tracks
Could I make it to Biloxi
And back
And I will wait
To call you now
Till I got a good thing to talk about

And several hours
Out of our hometown
With a lightning strike
Shaking the highway around
Could we stay put?
Or turn back now?
I should’ve known

If I wait
Till I’m alone
To send my love
Then a good thing’s gone
Then a good thing’s gone

And I drive fast
To cancel out
The 2 to 3 hours
It takes to leave the house
Talking alone
To an empty room

Oh I should’ve known
We’ll both take
Two more months
To respond
Till a good thing’s gone
Till a good thing’s gone

It feels wrong to know you now
But there ain’t one thing changed
Since I last came around
And I can’t stand to watch from afar
Makes it harder on me
To know where you are
For every day we spend together there’s sixty apart

All around us
Like an atlas
She calls me home
Between the silence
Surrounds us
And calls me home

And I
Wanna reach out
Wanna call you
And let you know
I’ll make
The trek love
In an instant
I’m not alone