HAARPER — Archon (Prod. Noxygen)

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Текст HAARPER — Archon (Prod. Noxygen)

Noxygen on the track

[Verse 1]
Freeze like ice, see the scythe
Watch it reflect right past your life
Tickin’ down the time until I commit to the crime
I’m comin’ with the fuckin’ shine like Hiten Mitsurugi right up above the alley
When you with your bitch named Sally
Make her turn sides for the D on an addy
Crush ’em like Adderall
Stomp on their grave ’till I wake ’em
What you gon’ do?
Bones gon’ rot to stew
If I ever fall, I bounce back like Majin
Motherfuckers shit, they soft like charmin’
Summon hurricanes, like a god or a shaman
You a damn pest like a fly on my ramen
Fissure yo face like adios cya
Temple gon’ break on yo break in Korea
I’ma make it clear, Chandelier on ya soul
No face like Sia when they see the whole crow

[Verse 2]
Target identified, target acquired
The Stargate gon’ open, my army don’t tire
Komodos in armor, the blade be of auir
Burn ’em to char in their car with my fryer
They cannot sleep while I stalk in the creep
Ain’t no proto with the pick, I pick ’em petty in the street
They ain’t ready for the swipe, Zeratul in flight
Fearing the emission of the green at night
Emerald archon, I’m the emerald
I’ll break yo dental
I’m too far gone, at the central
I pay no rental
In yo mind I, I push the pedal
I never settle, pour the kettle
The heavy metal
I’m in yo mental