Guapdad 4000 — Burberry Great Dane

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Текст Guapdad 4000 — Burberry Great Dane

I got the grey Goyard wrapped around the waist on my Ksubi’s
30 bands
30 bullets in the clip of the Uzi
Keep it short like the clip at the end of credits
Money longer than a white T in 2007
You ain’t the only one lucky to be alive
Where I’m from everybody almost died like 3-4 times
I’m national with this game
There’s no fucking rational
You can have that lil’ scratch
But me, I’m rashing out
Ate at Denny’s after functions and planned on dashing out
Now I’m eating on a bad bitch that I’m mashing out
I’m the big dog scammer
Burberry Great Dane
Lit and fly like the exit signs on side of the plane
It’s gone be a light year I got a buzz
These bitches wanna ride the woodie
They want to fuck
There’s a snake in my boot
That’s Gucci in my sole
I’m Reckless
My life’s Spiraling out of control
Even Medusa looking like damn, he hard
Stone Cold Steve Austin, I’m in the bank
Call me Guapdad Steve flossin’, I’m living great
HD, why you think they call me 4K
From the bay and I’m rapping but I’m not 4tay
24k frames, like 40
Me, Von and Su was in Drai’s I had like 6 rosé’s
Adidas on my kicks
3 stripes on my fits
She could get the sugar
They should call her grits
Her parents got the cheese
She said her daddy Swiss
I don’t touch nothing outside my circle
I’m like a swish, bitch
You might fuck around with them other clowns and get stamped
Chain light up like a lamp
Because I’m back with camp, tramp
Is it too late for my soul
Save me a seat at the table
I need a, can of raid
For all the ants, pests, and all these fables
I don’t want to lose you
Lose you
I don’t want to lose you
I don’t want to lose you
Lose you
I don’t want to lose you