Guapdad 4000 — Balenciaga Bandit

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Текст Guapdad 4000 — Balenciaga Bandit

Yeah, nigga we need to hit blood
For real blood
We gotta go with this, double cupped up blood
This shit ain’t no joke blood
Gotta get our shit together blood
We going in there nigga, head first nigga
You ready?
Nigga lets go nigga
Because I’m ready nigga
You already know what time it is
We finna wake this shit up
Start this shit rightBalenciaga Bandit
Ferragamo Fraud
Cartier Caper
Raf Simons Raven
Rings on Captain Planet
Ssh, God dammit
You a fan buddy
Dirty Dan buddy
Gucci down the leg yeah
I got the whole set yeah
Young nigga pretty get the pussy wet, yeah
And I might finesse a wraith
Don’t see broke Jean Paul on my face (Gautier)

Diamonds on Minnetonka bitch
I’m the new prince
Purple rain wrist
Scam kung fu
With the Ferragamo fist
Punch through lit
Shit, bitch
Got a lot of shit up on my mind
I don’t really wanna talk don’t have the time
There ain’t really weakness in this young nigga
Streets turned me into a monster better come get emThis is Bartholomew Barry Hamilton
Well, uh
Back on the scene here & it looks like local rapper Guapdad 4000 is back in the news
Last seen coming out of Barney’s, eating a live snake
The snake was just been cut off the back
He was grilling it with a personal grill
That he supposedly stole from Bed Bath and Beyond with the two workers
Everybody was head to toe in Gucci
It looks like that’s he’s frauding all these establishments in
Stay away from Guapdad at all costs

Wipe me down bitch
Like clorox
I’m hot sauce
You mild sauce
I’ma, boss up
What the pound cost ?
I’m trying to win buddy
You trying to spend buddy
I’m on top of my wave
Shark fin buddy
Raf’s pink, pussy pink
Cup been muddy
Broke her neck and her back
Ain’t shit sunny
And I’m laughing to the bank, ain’t shit funny?
Ferragamo falcon
I’m a flavor fountain
Flying over Margiela Mountains when I’m counting
We are not the same
Niggas looking plain
You’re a hoe
You’re a lame
You’re a mark like Twain, nigga
Blue hunnits hoe the money peeling out
Scam for like 7 money orders peeling out
I was want to blow bands when i grab that debit
Scam god pulled with the cash out method, aye