GoldLink, NLE Choppa—Extra Clip

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Текст GoldLink, NLE Choppa—Extra Clip

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Woah, yeah, yeah, ah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, where on my veil?
Niggas pop, popped a seal
Pop a bitch, light us, bitch
Pull up in a hold-that-still
Fat ass bitch, had no truck
Fuck around with her sis
Live it right, I don’t care
Fucked around, put it there
Yeah, real nigga shit, bitch, huh? It don’t fuck
Hello, bitch, hello, fuck
Okay, [?], that’s a truck
With the diamonds with the shark
With a bitch who’ll fuck
And she wanna fuck me
With the D, shut the fuck up
Bitch, y’all don’t fuck
Real shit, this shit brighter than a dawn
Could’ve swear that bitch all in
Has a night, I don’t [?]
In the tree, how you soar, baby, like
How you soar up in this dick
Bitch, I’m only for the night
That’s all right, fuck and leave
[?], that go down
That go down for the [?]
Racks on bare, bitch, I’m flair
Racks on deck, that’s on sex
That bitch ten with that [?]
It’s on deck, nigga stay surgin’
I didn’t even think about a nigga that down, yeah

Ridin’ in a Hommy in my Tommy, tryna turn into a gummy
And you know that we be wrappin’ niggas up just like a mummy
He get shot, it execute him, so I hit him like a zombie
They askin’ will I kill again, I’ll do it for some money
Whole team steady ballin’, bitch, we comin’ like the Sonics
Ten-piece, some fire to the face, five to the chest, I gave him crumpies
Thirty shots up in this Drac’, he keep runnin’, I keep dumpin’
They tellin’ me to stop shootin’, but the bullets keep on comin’
Bitch, you know how we be comin’, we turn brains into salami
Regular clip in my glizzy, bitch, I wanna put a hunnid
Put a switch up on that bitch and make it, «Blrrp,» it be stutterin’
If he talk down on my man, I swear to God I keep my brethren