Ghostemane — Plague Doctor Mask

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Текст Ghostemane — Plague Doctor Mask

Look ’em in the face say rest in peace
Blood on ya mouth and ya spittin out teeth
Now you tryna be tight when you used to wanna to beef
If you ain’t gon fess muhfucka don’t speak
Gotta whole Lotta ex teammates ima cremate
Stompin and Pissin and spittin all over yo remains
I’m a dirty young kreep
Fucked in the brain and I’m in ya back seat
Don’t give a motherfuck what they say about me
Weak ass bitch
Livin on ig
Suck another rapper dick like a real wannabe
You should get a life of your own maybe
See I’m really on some other shit hoe don’t twist
Everybody thinkin’ they can spit like this
Put em all in a coffin and ima bout to hit the nail on the head and bury these Motherfuckers in they own shitPut em in a hole in the ground

Groundin myself with my own 2 feet down on the flo see the dirt in between all my toes
Thinkin bout shit that I know that I shouldn’t be thinkin about but it come and it go
Should I be doin more with the gift that I was given by Buddha and all his disciples
Some of the time I be thinkin so much that it lead me to biting the tip of my rifle
But I really got say
That at the end of the day when I got my Henny or Corona and kick back
And think back
Fuck I wouldn’t change a thang
And I’m a lucky mothafucka with alot on my plate
And now I’m in the game
We shoot the shit about the same thing
The schema da posse puttin on fa my name
And when I look around
The underground
Shits the same
Maybe one day
You’ll think outside the box