GHOSTEMANE — My Heart of Glass

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Текст GHOSTEMANE — My Heart of Glass

[Verse 1]
I said goodbye to you today
Then had a cigarette
Sat and saw your plane
Make a circle ’round my head
I watched reality
Dance above the cherry
Of the Parliament I said
That I would quit but I can’t
When you’re gone I can’t depend on anyone else
I tried not to be afraid
You said it’s bad for my health
It’s bad for my health

[Verse 2]
We’re all waiting to die
And I’m just dying to wait
For you to fly back
I left my heart at the gate
We’re all waiting to die
I hope it’s not too late
If you don’t ever come back
I’ve got a rope just in case

It’s an inevitability that
The technology that we create will eventually
Turn on u- turn on us
An army that’s similar to that of us creating firmed humans
Inside, protecting the metalworks
Speaking of alternate reality
From which they return
Sho- Should we be honest from the inside out?
There is no escape, no one is safe