Fredo Santana, Tadoe, Gino Marley — Freestyle

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Текст Fredo Santana, Tadoe, Gino Marley — Freestyle

Rap money plus a nigga get that trap money
Got that .40 on me case a nigga act funny
Ksubi jeans sagging probably got ’bout 50 on me
Don’t try to rob me shit Tadoe got that .50 homie

I’m in the spot posted up with a white choppa
Get hit with this, your ass gonna need you a nice doctor
This bitch albino, it’ll knock down a rhino
Get your ass smoked, faneto you in the finals

That pistol make you viral whippin’ work with my eyes closed
Product you get blindfold stretch it out ’till the pies gone

Pull up to the scene, me, I got like 5 hoes
I’m so damn rich I went and got my .9 gold
Woke up and rolled a blunt already got like 9 sold
In the kitchen with the fork whippin’ grams out the damn bowl

Trap money show money, bitch we get all of that
Got your bitch in the benz, slidin’ we get all the neck
I just poured a ten off the doink, she off the Moët
I just gave her half of the perc I think that mean more sex
But I got packs to drop, rolls cash and guap
Boy I heard your album flopped, I ain’t even gotta rap but I keep a knot

And I don’t even gotta trap but I keep a spot
I used to work the block is hot but the berretta cocked
We used to work the snow every time the weather dropped
Codeine Promethazine you try to rob you getting dropped
I go from spot to spot the profit take you to the top
Don’t need a hand don’t touch my hand unless we countin’ guap