Foxy Brown — Star Cry

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Текст Foxy Brown — Star Cry

[Hook: repeat 2X]
Lord have mercy, I’m so controversy
Bet you’ve never seen a star cry
I gave you my life; my blood, sweat, and tears
Hip-hop’s bad girl for ten fuckin years

[Foxy Brown]
See I know how it feel to wake up fucked up
How can the spectators say Fox is stuck up
How can y’all judge my life, like I ain’t have struggles
Sometimes I feel like I live inside a fuckin’ bubble
I work hard for mines, baby, I’m a thoroughbred
And I don’t care what channel 5 and the haters said
I will not cower, I will not conform
I’ve been through this rap shit too long
And vverybody wanna know ’bout Fox
Cause I’m the most controversial young rap bitch in hip-hop
And please don’t shed me no tears, I need y’all prayers
The feds on my back, tryin to give me five years
And my P.O., stay tryin to violate me
That’s why I make sure my piss is clean, my wrists is gleam
And my whip is sick, my six is mean
Paparazzi take flicks and see how the bitch lean
Uhhh, I’m every black girl’s dream
Controversy sells, I was taught at sixteen
I spaz if you tempt me
Only black bitch to get press like the white bitches, Paris and Lindsay


[Foxy Brown]
Allow me to tear it all down
You gotta get the fuck back up if you fall down
Can’t stumble or crumble, or let ’em see you drown
And I swear with every tear that I cry — I’m here now
Imagine how it feel to see your world torn down
This is not Fox that’s speakin — there’s no more Brown
Let me reintroduce myself and tear the wall down
Hold up — Let me take the platinum plaques all down
Let me take off my jewelry, the ring by my middle finger
Nice to meet you again, Hi, My name is Inga
I cry real tears — cuz I’m a real person
Look beyond my fur coats and Chanel purses
Put aside the Christian Dior, and look inside my soul
And see I’m just a little insecure
I’m just like y’all — but I probably hurt more
After thirteen years I feel I deserve more
And I single handedly changed the whole rap game
Bust a shot when y’all mention my name — Blockaaa, Brown


[Foxy Brown]
Only a bum bitch snatch bags and all that
It’s 2007 — what the fuck you call that?
Yeah they jumped me — I had five bitches on my back
And I emerged unscathed without a motherfuckin’ scratch
About an hour later, got all my shit back
Every motherfuckin’ piece — bitch, I AM the streets
I’m Brownsville to Bedstuy, Flatbush, and the East
What other rap bitch could touch Brooklyn concrete?
Home of the crooks, and — step in any hood in Brooklyn
Bet you’ll still see my Louboutin footprints