Femdot — Happy Break up Song

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Текст Femdot — Happy Break up Song

It’s 2:27 and I’m playing old records reflecting on misconceptions of what I thought was supposed to happen
A younger me was over capping supposed to be captain
Crashed the boat can’t act like I ain’t know what happened
Crazy how you dealt with the old me
How it took so long to implement all things that you told me and showed me
Consoled me And for you to know me, but only as some one who is broken
And not someone who felt more lonely more times than not

First habit was not open up but bury the lock
Crazy thing I’m gon be with someone doing all the things that you told me to
And someone gonna love you like you deserved to
Be at least, At least we both know it won’t be me at least
You know we tried, well we tried something at least
Even if it fell back on me at least

I know that somebody would be a better man than I could be at least
I mean at times I still wanna hit ya line and check how you doing
But I know that’s not really the right way to do it
Plus you won’t be around for too much long, man you probably gone be moving

To a place to pursue the passions and crafts you been doing
You was always over the city anyway, Anyway
I’m proud of you up in advance, and thank you again
For letting me have you even though I had tweaked again, and let slip through my hands
But then again maybe I didn’t

And this was just the end and the reality is you was built for another man
Maybe in another life we were just friends
Maybe in this life in different circumstance, it could happen again
Look, this ain’t no if you hear this can I get you back song
This ain’t none of that song
This is a thank you for loving me
Even when you were loving too long
This a thank you for helping me find myself song

This is a hope you got peace, hope the pieces of me
Helped you like the pieces of you I had you helped me
Hope you see yourself becoming the woman you wanna be, no thanks to me
I hope no hate for me, not to make me feel any better but you don’t wanna waste that energy on things you don’t need
This a song to say thank you for supporting all my dreams
Sometimes being more excited for things than me for things I would achieve
This is a hope you in your bag song
Reflection on what we had, take the good and the bad song

Wanna let you know that I’m growing now
I pray you with someone who can hold you down everything I put you through I know was wild
But I hope when you think of me, you could at least smile or think that it wasn’t wasted that thing that was on your

This is my last song about you cause you ain’t pick up the phone
Imma leave this on ya voicemail play it all alone
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song

This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no
This ain’t no
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song
This ain’t no sad song