Exhumed — Rot Your Brain

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Текст Exhumed — Rot Your Brain

Life, another cruel joke, the unkindest cut
A mocking, hollow shell
Death, would free you from this yoke, but a sense in your gut
Won’t let you leave this hell
The damage already done

There’s no recourse but one
To take the strain
Of a world gone insane
So rot your brain
Let the decibels stream, get lost in the pain
As your ears start to bleed, find the solace you need

In this numbing refrain: rot your brain
Your eardrums throb, fight pain with more pain
Let your mind go to seed, you’ll find all that you need
In this numbing refrain:
Rot your brain
Pain, the only release, all that’s left to feel
Overwhelming the chaos in your head
Scream, as you stop seeking peace, there’s no need to heal
A psyche that’s already dead
In a mind long destroyed
All that cancels the noise

Is this deafening dissonant strain
Where madness becomes sane
So rot your brain
Your spirit benumbed, the din starts its thrum
Embrace the decay, you’re half-dead anyway
Let the neighbors complain as you rot your brain
Find the solace you seek in the cascading gain
Tympanic membrane be damned, place your life in the hands
Of the musically deranged and

Rot your brain
Don’t mind the grue as your ears leak and ooze
And drool coats your dull, waxen face
Now at last you find peace, as your brain functions cease
A mind is quite pleasant to waste
Rot your brain

Drown out all the lies, brain cells wither and die
All thought blurs away, and the stench of decay
Will be all that remains Rot your brain
Embrace the danger, of this cacophonous clangor
Grey matter will ooze, but there’s not much to lose
And madness to gain, when you —
Rot your brain