Exhumed — Radiator Bitch

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Текст Exhumed — Radiator Bitch

Moistened underage cunt
Filthy chained up slut
Beaten and bound to this fuming machine
Scalded flesh excoriated and cut

Bludgeoned features contort in pain as a mallet strikes you dumb
Malleated mammary glands, discolored and bruised to a purple hue
The sulphuric stench of evaporating urine scalds your nostrils
Splatters with amber rivulets of liquid excrement

Subjugation of genitalia
Taut, bleeding buttocks are pulverized
Vainly you strain in tremendous pain
As your anus is vulgarly sodomized

Face smashed into my excrement
Vagina torn by my fist
Manually administering coitus
My helpless radiator bitch

Brutally raped and crippled
Chained up and degraded
Covered in blood and excrement
Reduced to less than a human urinal

Your broken fettered body, crumpled on the smoldering contraption
Bloodshot sunken eyes behold my sanguinary sardonic satisfaction
Shattered mandible feebly shifts your broken teeth and the dung in your maw
Steaming skin smouldering odiously as purulent blisters bleed red raw
Your limp labia hangs uselessly, stretched beyond their limitations
Left in a pitiable state of abject and sexual dehumanization