Exhumed — Grotesque Putrefied Brains

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Текст Exhumed — Grotesque Putrefied Brains

Cerebral cortex slashed, Frontal lobes abrased, Cerebellum gouged, Your
Hypophysis avulsed… Medulla severed, Lobes dismembered, Hypothalamus
Punctured, Optic chasm ruptured… The pons is scraped, As your brain I
Rape, The decomposed cerebrum now sludge, Putrid grey matter is
Splattered… Thalumic dismemberment, Your formix is cruelly rent
Brainstem now flayed and hacked, Mesencephalon is reduced to scrap…
Grotesque splattered brains, Hypoglossal dysfunction, Macerated
Cephalo-extirpation, Neuro-cranial disjunction… I carve the corpus
Callosum, I shred the lacerated mind, Peeling the abrased cortex and
Precental gyrus, Bissecting the central sulcus and lateral tissue… Gouged
And sliced, diced, and hacked to bits, I carve with feverish glee as you now
Lose your wits, Your vacated cranium is scraped to its… Scraped the
Core… Dismantling the cerebrum, Disassembling the brainstem, Your
Parieoccipital fissure torn, Your vacated cranium is shorn…