Enthroned — Boundless Demonication

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Текст Enthroned — Boundless Demonication

Reduce to ashes
After seven years deep into the shadows of existence
We are reborn to take this world
Spells and bounds are ready to take your soul
You’ll be trappes in your thorned cage!!
For the second awakening, the seven swords of Ninnagesh
Are shining in the face of God
Let the unholy horde bring the plague!
Fear our revenge!

Descending from the somber skies
Renegate priests from the order of demonications
Unleash upon mankind, a lustful force to see the world decay
Within filth and torment, paradise falls into Hades

Prepare for agony, we set the world on fire
Unlock the spirit of destruction
In the name of Satan’s might

We break the chains, the seal of conversion
Feasting the beast in his pleasure of blood…
…degrade the mortal race…defile the heart of God!!!