EMIN — Creative

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Текст EMIN — Creative

I feel the breeze,
On my face,
Feel it warm,
Like the kisses that you kiss,
On my face,
Can’t replace,
What you give me when we touch,
It’s too much,
That’s a rush whenever you are near.

It’s like a song,
With no end,
As we bend
To the rythm of the sun,
And the earth,
And the moon,
And the stars are all in line,
Just to … asking to pretend
That you don’t feel it too.

And I feel your lips are so inviting,
Your body is so enticing,
And I cant even start to count the ways I am gonna love you.

So baby hit that sweet,
Let see what we doing,
Any which way you wanna do it,
Cause I don’t know why,
Everytime you need,
I get creative.

We can find,
That be nothing like it,
Feel so right every night
Every time you need
I get creative.

And like a tune