Eden — calm down

Слушать Eden — calm down

Текст Eden — calm down

Of my dash aligning stars over shoulder
Tell me you don’t really mean what you say
That you were in love, love, love
(I don’t want it, baby, I keep falling)
You’re screaming and bursting heads
Breathing corrupted air (Tell me I’m back at it since)
Your cigarette’s going out, dear
(Help me down, I can’t sleep)
Mayfair and lip fillers
Heartbreak and coke dealers
You were in love, love, love (It’s cold feet)
But since you’re on your way out
Living fast, I capsize amazed now
Leave a message when you go
(You leaving, leave me out, me out)
I, I had a dream that you wanted me
I still see you with my eyes closed
I don’t think you understand how brilliant you burned
Does your past feel complete now I’m here?
Versions of another version you’ve seen
When I calm down
I’ll be long gone

Just stop