Earth Kwake — Confessions of a Kasi Rapper

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These are confessions of a kasi rapper

These are confessions
Of a kasi rapper
I need connections just to blow up cause it’s now or never
I never thought that at this age I would be under pressure
Gonale batho ba eleng kgale Basa bone stshepana
Oulady o mpitsa Tshepo
Letyma o mpitsa Tshepo
Magrizza o mpitsa Tshepo
Madala o mpitsa Tshepo
But in my ID leina is Molefi Kalvin
Sometimes ke batla di karabo like what really happened
A year ago I almost fell into a deep depression
Sometimes I feel like life is hard like my beat selection
And I ain’t got no money for studio session
I don’t wanna cross you like an intersection
I mind my own business got no intervention
Agree to disagree you got the wrong impression
Rejection ke Redirection
After all these years I still got the passion

Enemies family after me
The energy felony out to be
The memory follow me comfortably
The money is coming they count for me
Royalty loyalty bow for me
All of people who vouch for me
I’m gonna bless you with all of me
I’m gonna give you my all for free
Gonna be reaching my destiny
I know o batlang the best for me
Somebody out there who care for me
Living my life til the death me
Forever and ever I been through whatever I’m better I’m better
I never I never ke phela bo jealous
Clever ke clever remember o nervous

Ngwana ona hana di manners
Back in the days I remember
Ke batla go ja kadi tender
Le nna ke batla go trender
Rotlhe re batla tsena
Nako e re bigger than ever
Nna keare never say never
Nna a never ke inela

When I prove myself I show my full potential
Treat me like a secret this is confidential
I motivate the people I’m so influential
Bloodline family I’m presidential
Buy and sell the business like it’s stock exchange
Adapting to the changes in foreign place
It’s all about the content in the modern days
There’s a time to mourn, a time to celebrate

Happy to be I’m alive alright
The second degree is to fight the rights
I know where to be it’s time to vai
They hala at me for vibes ke nice
Mmataka we in for life for life
Sacrifice and you go pay the price
Follow the light it’s a great advice
Mo go monate don’t kill the vibe

Event organizers ba booker mahala
It’s hard to be successful hao dula makhaya
It’s hard to make a move haosena di power
Ska mpona kele so ke dula ntse ke phanda
Confessions of a kasi rapper
I never used to get booked even ka December
Unlike all the other artists will I be remembered
Could I make a hit record when I’m under pressure
I’ve been rapping since child I ain’t blew up yet
I’ll admit it making music is too much work

Dololo di streams
Dololo di plays
Dololo di views
Dololo di likes
Dololo di shows
Dololo di fan
Dololo di followers
I mean

There was a point in time when I had no views
I was all over the place man I was confused
In this life I have to make it there’s no excuse
I was selling beats in high school this ain’t nothing new
First thing to do is to pay the producer
Second thing to do is to respect consumers
The Third thing to do is to ignore the rumors
The fourth thing to do is never quit the music
These are confessions of a kasi rapper
A kasi rapper