Earphones — Primetime-Sexcrime

Слушать Earphones — Primetime-Sexcrime

Текст Earphones — Primetime-Sexcrime

Ye ye ye ye ye!
Ye ye ye ye ye!

Confess, you did it for sex
An holy sin today instead it was a bless
I spend the rest of my time
Thinkin’ ’bout the all wicked actions over crime
I try, forgettin’ my mind
Kill is not a good way for the soul to shine
Sex crime, to take-off the crime
Thinkin’ over sex wild in the primetime
Men, I’m feeling all right

Sex crime
Ye ye ye ye ye!

Expect to be caught in a trap
Did it says it’s all in St. Francisco’s bless
Primetime, it’s closin time
Thinkin’ on we should live over sex wild men I’m feeling all right
All right …
Ye ye ye ye ye!